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Grant awarded for development of domestic dissolvable bags

By July 14, 2020May 13th, 2022No Comments

The receipt of an Innovate UK grant has enabled Aquapak Polymers to complete the development of high quality, water-soluble infection control bags for the domestic market made from Aquapak’s patented polymer, Hydropol.

These bags are a brand new and practical solution for healthcare workers, care staff and other keyworkers in the fight against the spread of infection. It allows them to bag up their uniform/workwear, bring them home safely and put the bagged items directly into a domestic wash, without further handling, thereby reducing the contamination risk of the infectious virus at home.

Industrial-grade water-soluble ‘red bags’ are not designed to dissolve fully in domestic washing machines and can risk filter blockages and damage to the drum from undissolved polymer residue. Thanks to Aquapak’s patent-protected technology, the bags made from Hydropol fully dissolve at 40oC (although 60oC is recommended to kill pathogens), are marine-safe, non-toxic and don’t leave any residue.

The new domestic bags have already proved to be extremely useful in response to COVID19, with Aquapak initially donating over 46,000 bags to frontline workers across the UK.

The domestic grade infection control bags are now being made and sold online by UK manufacturing partner, Echo Packaging and are being used by workers across the NHS, care homes, GP surgeries, police forces and dentists amongst many others.

They add to the range of Hydropol applications for infection control, including industrial (hot water soluble) infection control bags, aprons and gloves being used across the world.

To discover more about infection control bags made from Hydropol, click here.

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