Innovative materials enabling the circular economy

Aquapak is a leading specialty polymers business


A Waste-Free Future

Aquapak was established with the mission to help businesses shift to a less polluting world by developing planet-friendly material technologies. We manufacture a range of adaptive polymer-based material technologies that deliver both performance and environmental responsibility at scale. Our polymer technology offers excellent functionality that is both recyclable and environmentally safe enabling multiple end-of-life options.

Aquapak is a science-led business with over 10 years Research and Development in polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin technology. Backed by proven science our R&D expertise coupled with robust testing capabilities and extensive partnerships drives innovation. Aquapak is committed to providing innovative materials enabling the Circular Economy. Our patented polymer technology is water-soluble and formulated to biodegrade entirely, leaving no trace. Used in combination with other materials it serves to enhance recyclability and end-of-life options.


  • Formulation
    • Material combination and characterization
  • Manufacturing process
    • Optimization and processing efficiency – design throughput ability and stability
    • Processes IP
  • Application-specific technology
    • Focus on mechanical strength and barrier properties
    • End-of-life optionality
  • Data collection
    • Application optimization
    • End-of-life data portfolio


Our Manufacturing Facilities

Aquapak’s headquarters and manufacturing center is located in Birmingham, U.K. The modern 4,700 sq. m (50,000 sq. ft.) compounding production facility is designed to have an initial total capacity to produce in excess of 30,000 MT of Aquapak’s specially formulated pelletized resin, the site can be expanded to support production of up to 50,000 MT. Currently, two of five planned production lines are running to produce materials for existing proven market applications. To support business growth and increased capacity requirements, Aquapak is ISO 9001 certified and has compounding production facilities planned in its main geographical markets in the US, EU and Asia.


Aquapak works with a small number of private investors from a strong group of accomplished global executives with domain expertise, global networks and access to board level in a number of global brands and polymer manufacturers. These investors have partnered with the company to actively help with the development of its portfolio of technologies, expansion of operations and commercial expansion.