About Hydropol™

Accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy

Hydropol™ Technology has all the benefits of plastics and enables multiple end of life options.

Marine safe – Completely biodegrades in marine environments and is safe to both marine plant and wildlife
Non-toxic – Safe to humans, animals and plant life with no harmful chemicals
Soluble – Completely dissolves in warm and hot water without leaving residue
Pellet form – Standardized pellet form directly integrates into existing manufacturing processes
UV resistant – Does not degrade when exposed to UV light


Hydropol™ technology has all of the benefits of plastics and enables recycling and multiple end-of-life options. It is a highly functional specialty environmental polymer that allows product design to reduce plastic pollution. Hydropol™ technology has "cracked the code" on sustainable plastic to facilitate the circular economy. It is a soluble and safe polymer that dissolves completely in water, leaving zero waste.

Being water-soluble Hydropol™ is inherently biodegradable, non-toxic and marine safe. Products made with Hydropol™ are safe for existing recycling processes and fully biodegradable should they enter the environment. If Hydropol™ enters the natural environment it will completely biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water and mineralized natural biomass.

Hydropol™ formulation technology enhances the quality and functionality of end products. Its material properties allow for scalability into diverse types of products. It is designed to be an alternative to traditional plastics offering the versatility of plastic without harming the environment. As an enabling technology, Hydropol™ can be used on its own or in combination with other materials to enhance the recyclability, compostability and end-of-life options.


Consumers and businesses are increasingly concerned about plastic pollution and environmental sustainability. Packaging producers need solutions. Hydropol™ is a performance polymer that dissolves and it is being adopted everywhere. We have partnered with a growing base of clients in apparel, fashion, hospitality, healthcare, food packaging, logistics packaging, industrial, non-wovens, and other packaging.


Hydropol™ is highly scalable and used in a diverse range of packaging applications from laundry and mailing bags to gloves, wet wipes and dental floss. Hydropol™ is an enabling technology that when used in combination with other materials can make unrecyclable packaging fully recyclable within existing waste streams. A win for the environment.