A functional environmentally safe plastic, designed for the circular economy

Aquapak’s Hydropol™ is a specially engineered material that can create a range of packaging products that are specially targeted at the problem of ‘single use’ plastic in the modern world

Hydropol™ is produced by Aquapak in the form of a stable pellet to be provided to the plastics and paper industries. This pellet can be manufactured into a single layer plastic film or combined with other traditional plastics, bioplastics or paper in a versatile way to produce packaging solutions that can replace currently non-recyclable packaging.

Hydropol’s combination of natural strength, flexibility, and barrier properties to oil, grease and oxygen, make it a highly functional material. After primary use, it is also capable of being fully recycled, and biodegradable in most modern waste streams, and will not break-down into harmful microplastics in the ocean or on land.

Hydropol™ has been designed to be water soluble at controlled temperatures, with the focus on hot water (70 ℃) and warm water (40℃) soluble applications. It can therefore be used, for example, to coat paper and paperboard to provide the functional requirements for some major packaging applications, but also be fully recycled back into paper in standard paper re-processing plants. 

Hydropol™ has a range of other end of life options depending on the application, can be recovered for energy in most modern industrial composting processes such as AD. Significantly, it is hydrophilic (water-loving) and non-toxic in the marine environment and on land.

Around the world governments, NGO’s and individuals are driving an agenda to change how we consume and recycle plastic. At Aquapak we are committed to avoiding more long-term damage to our world and we have designed a technology to make that commitment a reality.

Aquapak is signed up to the Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to eliminate plastic pollution at source.


This has real world benefits:

Simpler packaging

A lot of packaging is currently designed for functionality but not recyclability. Hydropol™'s inherent flexibility reduces the amount of different materials required to create complex packaging, meaning that it is both functional and recyclable.

Easier recycling

Today, fewer than 15% of all plastics are recycled. To shift to recycling at scale, we need to be able to recycle products within existing waste management systems. Hydropol™ has been designed to be compatible with existing thermoplastic systems, utilising existing supply chains and maximising product recyclability.

Cleaner planet

We believe in a world where plastic is no longer allowed to pollute our natural ecosystems. Our technology can build towards a more responsible plastic economy. The time to take positive action is now.

Our Commitment

We have signed up to the commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to limit the amount of plastic that reaches our oceans by eliminating plastic pollution at the source. Alongside other signatory organisations including Nike, Google, Philips, Renault and H&M, our aim is to set increasingly ambitious targets to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and to work towards eliminating plastic pollution by publishing data and holding key stakeholders to account.

Our Technology

Aquapak has developed an innovative process of producing pellets on standard plastic manufacturing equipment that can be made into a broad number a number of products with specific functionality for end applications.

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