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Hydropol hot water-soluble laundry bags now available in N. America

By July 17, 2020May 13th, 2022No Comments

Hot water soluble infection control laundry bags made from Aquapak’s trademark product, HydropolTM, are now available to buy from our North America sales partner and distributor, Miller Bags.

The bags are made for use in industrial/commercial laundry cycles and dissolve at >150°F/65°C.

In this COVID environment, healthcare & skilled nursing facilities, commercial property management and the hotel/hospitality industries are using these products to bag up soiled linens from the workplace. Soiled laundry gets put directly into bags and do not need to be handled again prior to commercial or domestic washing. This ensures minimal handling, lowers the risk of cross-contamination and prevents the spread of infections (especially in light of COVID19) in the workplace.

Thanks to Hydropol’s solubility and biodegradation, the bags dissolve completely during the wash cycle without leaving any residue on the laundry or in the machine and are plumbing safe.

Aquapak’s patent-protected polymer benefits from being marine-safe, non-toxic and hydrophilic, this means it reduces the time any infection pathogens dwell on Hydropol material and lowers the risk of transmission compared to hydrophobic polymers like PE.

Carl Sittard, N. America Sales Director for Aquapak, said: “Thanks to Aquapak’s innovative technology, these bags have become an invaluable infection control product to fight coronavirus all around the world.

He added: “They’re already being used by the healthcare, hotel and hospitality industries as a frontline tool in infection control mitigation while taking advantage of Hydropol’s environmental benefits.”

These bags can be purchased by North American customers by visiting: or by calling (866)312-0603.

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