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Polymer pellets manufactured for many functional applications

What's Hydropol used for?

Aquapak’s innovative polymer resin, called Hydropol™, is sold to our ever growing network of packaging manufacturers.

We provide all the technical assistance required to the packaging Manufacturer to enable them to process our specialty polymer on their existing standard equipment with the minimum amount of modification. Hydropol™ can be thermally processed into most standard forms, for example as:

  • Blown film
  • Extrusion coating
  • Lamination to paper or board
  • Injection moulding.

These can be used in a wide-range of industries, including Fashion, AD waste to energy, Pet foods, Hospitals, Hotels, Hospitality and Airlines in a wide range of applications such as:

Hydropol™ has many useful material properties:


Hydropol has been formulated into a standard plastic pellet, which is stable in normal storage conditions. It has excellent barrier properties against solvents, petrochemicals, grease, oil and gas, and is UV resistant, printable and sealable.

Hot water soluble

The Hydropol 30120 series is a hot water soluble grade which is suitable principally for blown film applications. The Hydropol 30160 series is a hot water soluble grade and can be used in most thermoplastic processes.

Warm water soluble

The Hydropol 33100 series is a warm water soluble grade and particularly suitable for extrusion coating or laminating onto paper or paperboard.

Marine safe

Hydropol is marine safe and non-toxic to marine fauna. Being hydrophilic (water liking) it has no propensity to attract toxins or form toxic micro plastics.

Anaerobic Digestion

Hydropol can be disposed of safely through anaerobic digestion.


By its nature Hydropol is inherently biodegradable as microorganisms will breakdown the polymer in various conditions.

Technical Information

Please click here for comprehensive technical data including data sheets, material safety data sheets, reports and technical transfer information.

Hydropol Technical Information 

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