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On Repeat launches refills in dissolvable Hydropol packaging

By July 28, 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

On Repeat is a new B2B service, offering beauty brands a bespoke, zero waste packaging and fulfilment solution to supply refills to their customers. Wanting to launch a solution to the single-use packaging crisis, they are using Hydropol, an Aquapak product, to package their anhydrous serums and oils refills.

The new service has been developed by Micaela Nisbett, the founder of cult brand Neighbourhood Botanicals Founder who wanted to not only make  her own brand fully refillable but creating a solution for the wider industry. Micaela day-dreamt of sending her customers refill product in packaging that would magically disappear.

After being unable to find legitimately sustainable refill packaging for her own brand and seeing the greenwashing that fills the refill space, Micaela designed a simple concept that she thought would work, and with it opened a whole can of worms. As a brand owner herself, she understood the importance of brands maintaining authenticity, and that anything to do with the hot topic of ‘sustainability’ is met with scrutiny.

The beauty industry makes 120 billion units of plastic packaging yearly and over 90% of that isn’t recycled. So Hydropol was chosen for being proven as marine safe and enabling zero waste.  End users are encouraged to refill their products then dissolve the Hydropol casing in hot water (>70c), and rinse it down the drain. The residue is eaten by microbes in the waste water system and biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water and mineralised natural biomass. It is non-toxic to the environment and does not contribute to micro-plastics sea pollution.

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