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Blog: The rise of plastic pollution from COVID-19 and the Hydropol solution

By June 5, 2020May 13th, 2022No Comments

A recent video by a French environmental NGO highlights the plight of rising plastic pollution spurred by COVID-19, after soiled gloves and masks (amongst other common plastic waste) were found littering parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

This new ‘coronavirus pollution’ is adding to the world’s plastic pollution crisis at a time when other environmental impacts such as carbon emissions have reduced. Whilst COVID-19 is highlighting the usefulness of plastics, it is also demonstrating the need for a solution that enables the safe disposal of potentially-infected, single-use items but without the environmental impact.

Eliminating plastic pollution is why R&D for over 10 years was invested to develop hot and warm water soluble versions of Hydropol™ that are non-toxic and marine-safe. As Hydropol™ is hydrophilic (water loving) it doesn’t attract toxins and doesn’t form harmful microplastics unlike conventional plastic such as PE. We wanted to enable manufacturers to be able to make single-use items knowing that Aquapak’s patent protected technology enabled them to design-in multiple end-of-life options such as biodegradation, recyclability, compostability and anaerobic digestion.

We’re pleased that not all single-use items being used in the fight against COVID-19 are impacting the environment – infection control bags made from Hydropol™ are enabling doctors, nurses and other front-line workers to take their uniform home safely to wash.

As its base is PVOH, a hydrophilic polymer, research papers indicate that pathogen dwell times on items made from Hydropol™ – such as laundry bags, aprons and gloves – are lower than on traditional plastics, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and transmission.

This enables users such as police, dentists, cleaning staff, F&B and hotel teams to keep safe whilst learning to adapt to a life affected by Coronavirus for months ahead.

John Williams
Technical and Business Development Director

To discover more about Hydropol™ being used for infection control products in response to coronavirus read our case studies here. Alternatively, email to discover how Hydropol™l can benefit you and your business with innovative packaging solutions that are better for the planet.

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