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Travel goods brand switch to 100% water soluble packaging made from Hydropol

By January 26, 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

OneNine5 design stylish and functional travel goods, like their award-winning eco-conscious wash bag. But aside from that they share a strong passion for sustainable packaging to reduce waste and its impact on the environment, hence their reasoning behind choosing to switch their former biodegradable plastic polybags to 100% water soluble garment bags made from Aquapak’s Hydropol™.

Founder of OneNine5, Alex Stewart said: “A lot of the compostable and biodegradable packaging that’s used today wont easily degrade in a home compost bin, and we think there’s still a big misconception and education required around this – biodegradable material can actually contaminate existing recycling streams, rendering those materials non-recyclable.

“Considering these risks, we got to work researching material that our customers could safely and easily dispose of at home and we were excited to discover the Aquapak garment bag. We loved the concept and agreed it was a positive change we needed to make.”

“With the Aquapak garment bag, it offers a peace of mind because they can safely dispose of the packaging, rather than relying on their local council or a private company to correctly dispose of waste.”

Read the full Q&A with OneNine5 here.

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