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UK Packaging Awards highly commend Hydropol-lined mailing bags

By December 15, 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

The FLEXI-Kraft mailing bag, created in partnership with EP Group, was highly commended at this year’s UK Packaging Awards. The innovative ecommerce bag is made from kraft paper and lined with Hydropol™  which enables it to maintain the functionality of plastic, whilst retaining the recyclability of paper. They can be reused thanks to an innovative side opening and re-use strip and can be put into household and business paper recycling streams at the end of their life.

The Hydropol layer gives the bags strength and flexibility as well as tear resistance and a barrier to grease, oil, fat and gas. It also enables the bags to be much lighter than pure paper mailing bags and to be heat sealed for a stronger seal. The Hydropol is also fully compatible with repulping systems and paper waste disposal as the Hydropol layer washes off during the paper recycling process (where it safely biodegrades in the waste water system) enabling up to 100% paper fibre recovery.

Benefits of FLEXI-Kraft mailing bags:

  • Over 20% stronger with over 60% reduced paper weight vs standard paper mailing bags
  • Strength x weight x gauge ratio enables 50% more bags per 40‘ container than standard paper mailing bag
  • Recyclable through household and business paper recycling – the Hydropol water soluble lining enables up to 100% paper recovery.
  • Light weight material optimises shipping and distribution reducing operational cost and carbon impact
  • Flexibility of material enables easier product fill (vs alternative, more rigid mailing bags)
  • Unique design with easy side opening and re-use strip adds to end user experience

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