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Red laundry bags made of Hydropol now available

By August 25, 2020May 13th, 2022No Comments

Echo Packaging has launched red bags made from Hydropol™. They are in response to hospitals, care homes, hospices, clinics, GP surgeries and other health organisations requesting fully dissolvable red laundry bags that conform to the NHS Executive Guidelines – HSG (95) 18 – Hospital Laundry Arrangements for Used and Infected Linen.

Their Red D-Solv bags are fully British-made, with the Hydropol™ resin being supplied from Aquapak Polymers’ manufacturing plant in Rubery, Birmingham and converted into bags at Echo’s Corby factory. Available in rolls of 50, each bag measure W 670mm x L 800mm.

As they are designed to be fully dissolvable at 70°C in industrial machines* they can be put directly into machines to avoid cross-contamination. They do not clog filters or leave residue on laundry. Being made from Hydropol™, they do not cause environmental problems in the waste-water stream because they are non-toxic, marine safe and biodegradable.

Mark Lapping, CEO of Aquapak Polymers Ltd, commented: “We’re delighted that Echo has launched red D-SOLV bags to complement the clear bags they already make from Hydropol™. This collaboration enables red bag users to source a quality supply on much shorter leadtimes, whilst protecting the environment by preventing any further plastic pollution.”

Kishan Nanji, Director at Echo Packaging, said: “We know there has been an increase in demand for red laundry bags in the UK and supply issues from off-shore sources. We’re pleased to launch our fully-British D-SOLV red bag.”

He continued, “We were already making clear laundry bags from Hydropol™ so it was a logical step to collaborate with Aquapak Polymers to develop red bags that conform to NHS Executive Guidelines – HSG (95) 18 – Hospital Laundry Arrangements for Used and Infected Linen.”

Echo’s D-SOLV domestic laundry bags are safe for use in domestic washing machines and ideal for frontline workers’ uniforms, holiday homes, care home workers, police officers and teachers in the fight against COVD-19. Domestic bags are designed to completely dissolve at 40°C/104°F (although 60°C/140°F is recommended to remove pathogens) without clogging household washing machines or causing environmental issues in the waste-water stream.

To find out more about the bags, please visit or contact Aquapak’s Partner Sales Representatives on +44 (0) 121 516 5656.

*Please note: if your washing procedures necessitate a pre-wash, please contact us on +44 (0)121 516 5656 as other grades may be more suitable for your processes.

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