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Packaging Materials, Recycling and End of Life Challenges

By May 13, 2021May 13th, 2022No Comments

The packaging industry is faced with an increased pressure to create plastic free or 100% recyclable packaging before the Plastic Packaging Tax is introduced in 2022 and are trying to find sustainable solutions.

Our CEO Mark Lapping and CTO Dr John Williams discussed the challenges that are facing the packaging industry and the solutions available. Included are their thoughts around paper packaging, where the outer layer is coated with a PE barrier – meaning the packaging is not fully recyclable. Watch John and Mark discuss more in the video below.

Their discussion took place following the release of Aquapak’s research into a barrier that improves paper packaging recyclability. The barrier, created from Hydropol, maximises fibre recovery rates critical to meeting a circular economy, it’s marine safe, non-toxic and leaves no trace as it dissolves and it doesn’t compromise packaging functionality. Hydropol can replace plastics in fibre-based packaging offering full fibre recovery and reducing the amount of single-use plastic pollution.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how Hydropol can enable end-of-life options, recyclability and functionality for your packaging materials please do contact us: Contact | aquapak (

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