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Animation introduces Aquapak’s polymer that disappears safely

By September 26, 2019May 13th, 2022No Comments

Aquapak’s new animation introduces how its polymers disappear safely, are non-toxic, marine-safe and soluble in warm or hot water. They allow users to maintain the primary functionality of their products whilst designing-in end-of-life.

Have you noticed that we are using more and more plastic? There is a growing plastic crisis across the world. We need to help eliminate single-use plastic with alternatives that leave no toxic residue.

Aquapak Polymers provide a real solution.

Our products disappear safely. They are non-toxic and marine-safe. Aquapak products can be designed to replace traditional, hydrophobic polymers or used to create innovative packaging solutions for a circular economy.

They can be used to produce blown film, extrusion coatings, laminations to paper or board and injection mouldings. Aquapak products have excellent barrier properties against solvents, petrochemicals, grease, oil and gas. They are UV resistant, printable and sealable.

Aquapak products are hydrophillic which means they are water-loving and soluble in either warm water or hot water.

At their end-of-life, Aquapak turns highly functional products safely into water, carbon dioxide and mineralised biomass so the circular economy loop is closed. It allows users to maintain the primary functionality of their products whilst designing-in end-of-life recylability, anaerobic digestion or compostability.

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