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Designing recyclability into fibre-based packaging using fully soluble biodigestible barrier systems

White Paper

This whitepaper explores how recyclability can be designed into fibre-based packaging using commercially available, fully soluble bio-digestible barrier systems.

In this work undertaken by Aquapak Polymers Ltd, laboratory and commercially prepared extrusion and adhesive paper-polymer laminates were constructed with the aim of identifying ‘fit for purpose’ packaging materials which are compatible with the paper recycling process.

The work focused on Hydropol, a commercially available fully soluble, biodigestible barrier polymer, which can be adhesive or extrusion coated onto paper and brings a plurality of benefits to fibre-based packaging, including oil and grease resistance together with a high gas barrier.

Hydropol has also been shown to increase some paper strength properties (tear, burst, puncture and tensile strength), allowing laminated papers to be heat-sealed for ‘form, fill and seal’ fibre packaging applications. Hydropol is designed to solublise at the typical repulping temperatures and durations used by high volume recycling mills allowing fibre to be dispersed to make new paper.



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