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Using Aquapak’s Hydropol polymer in extrusion coating for functional packaging design and multiple end of life options


Please note that all requests made will be sent the whitepaper upon publication (10 October 2022).

The demand for paper-based packaging has risen sharply following the proposed introduction of taxation for single use plastic products and the need to increase circularity through recycling.

Whilst paper-based packaging can be highly recyclable, the way it is combined with other materials and polymers to improve functionality can drastically hinder recyclability and negatively impact paper fibre recovery.

Packaging design can be used to minimise insoluble plastic content and maximise fibre recovery to ensure that future paper-based products remain valuable to the circular economy.

In this whitepaper, Aquapak will share how thermally-processible PVOH can be extrusion coated onto paper to achieve gas and oil/grease barrier and sealability whilst retaining the end of life recyclability of the paper.

The publication will describe:

  • How PVOH can be extrusion coated onto paper using standard equipment
  • Extrusion coater runability, coating adhesion and stability trial results
  • The advantages for paper mills in terms of paper fibre yields
  • The opportunities this brings to packaging.