Hydropol: the solution to fashion’s polybag problem

Hydropol polymer resin gives the opportunity to make planet-friendly packaging that retains polybag functionality but leaves no trace!

Making a difference now & into the future!

Thank you – By choosing a product that came packaged in Hydropol™  and scanning its QR code to find out more, you’re helping to protect the planet from further polluting plastics.

How can you dispose of the garment bag you have received?

We understand the frustration of having packaging but not knowing the best way to dispose of it. The good news is that as well as being reusable, this bag will not cause any harm to the environment whichever way you choose. However, the quickest and easiest way is to dissolve it with hot water (and is a neat way to entertain friends and family with its “magic”!)

Dissolve in hot water – Your bag has been engineered to dissolve in hot water. Either dissolve it in a large pot of hot water ≥70C/158F or place it directly into a sink and pour hot water over it. The bag will quickly dissolve and biodegrade safely in the waste water system.

Recycling – Hydropol bags can be safely be placed in plastic recycling bins. All the plastic goes through a hot wash to remove labels or other debris before the recycling process starts, so the bag will simply dissolve away, leaving only the plastic to be recycled behind. Where facilities exist, Hydropol™ can be identified and separated using Infra-Red to allow recovery and recycling.

Composting – Your Hydropol bag can be composted. However, with access to composting limited, we recommend disposal in hot water.

General waste – Hydropol will biodegrade safely in both aerobic and anaerobic landfills as well as anaerobic digestion plants.

What if a Hydropol bag ends up in the ocean? Hydropol is designed to safely biodegrade on land or in sea. Research has confirmed that it will not harm ocean flora or fauna. If a creature did accidentally ingest it, their stomachs will process it like their usual food although it won’t be as tasty or nutritious!

What’s Hydropol made from?

Aquapak Polymers developed Hydropol™ to help drive the change to more sustainable packaging and a circular economy. It’s made from PVOH,- Polyvinyl Alcohol, which is more commonly known for its use as surgical stitches and dishwasher tablet coatings. It’s both naturally biodegradable and hydrophilic (water loving). This bag was made on machines that used to make garment bags out of traditional plastics such as PE and LDPE. It’s strong and offers the same protection as other bags against dirt, oil and grease but is designed to #LeaveNoTrace at the end of its life. Please take a look at the rest of our website to understand more about the technology and its applications.

Can Hydropol be used for other applications?

Supplied in resin pellets, Hydropol can be used by your polybag and other packaging manufacturers in their existing equipment – we have a tech transfer process that will help them get up and running as quickly as possible. Alternatively, we can introduce you to manufacturing partners who are already making garment bags and other items from Hydropol.


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