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Aquapak's solution for the laundry bags

Laundry’s plastic problem
The majority of laundry bags used in hospitals, hotels and hospitality are made from single-use, non-biodegradable plastic which requires comprehensive waste management.

How Aquapak solves laundry’s plastic problem
Aquapak can replace all single-use plastic laundry bags with its ‘leave no trace’ bag – an environmentally safe plastic that is non-toxic, water soluble and marine-safe.

  • Aquapak’s water soluble laundry bags are made from Hydropol™. They are used to provide a hygienic means of preventing exposure and direct contact to bag contents whilst laundering.
  • They dissolve completely and safely in the washing process, without leaving any residue on the laundry or to remove from the machine.
  • Hydropol™ is hydrophilic (water-loving) and marine-safe so laundry bags made from it dissolve in hot water to leave just water, carbon dioxide and non-toxic mineralised biomass.
  • Hydropol™ bags are proven to maintain their integrity, even when damp linen is stored in them for several days.
  • They benefit from good clarity (to enable the checking of contents), are easily opened, puncture-resistant and durable.

For use in the healthcare (hospitals and care homes), hotels and hospitality/leisure industries.

Benefits of using laundry bags made from Hydropol

  • Aquapak’s water soluble laundry bags help hospitals, care homes and hotels become leaner by removing the need to open or empty bags before washing.
  • They are strong and functional so no need to double bag as they are less prone to tearing or bursting.
  • The whole bag dissolves in hot wash without residue to clean from machine or laundry (i.e. end of life designed in).
  • Reduced machine breakdown and maintenance as no plastic residue left in the machine.
  • Elimination of toxic landfill and incineration waste.
  • Incineration of cytotoxic or soiled laundry is significantly reduced as they can be bagged and washed without any exposeure of the operator to the infected laundry.
  • Hotels can process their customer and staff laundry fast and efficiently with no secondary handling or disposal costs.
  • Reduces single-use plastics footprint.

Case Study: DB Packaging

DB Packaging is an eco packaging supplier, delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Supplying laundry bags to hotels, hospitals and care homes, DB Packaging approached Aquapak as they wanted an eco version that would:

  • retain the strength, puncture resistance, barrier properties and durability of traditional laundry bags
  • reduce the requirement for incineration and therefore increase the reuse of bed linen
  • remove the process of removing laundry from bags before washing
  • negate the occupational health and safety risks when there is heavily soiled, infectious or cytotoxic contents.

Watch the DB Packaging video to see how NSW Healthshare Linen Services uses hot water soluble laundry bags made from Hydropol™.

“I have been privileged to partner with Aquapak on this journey to bring Hydropol™ to the Australian and New Zealand market. Hydropol™ is already changing the medical arena and will continue change how we handle our waste. The consumer can use Hydropol™ to eliminate their waste. There are many applications for this material but the real winner is the Environment, as the material is water soluble, non-toxic and marine safe.”
David Beaver, Director DB Packaging

Please click on the link below to read a technical case study:

DB Packaging laundry bag case study

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