An enabling new material technology for the Circular Economy

Aquapak has created a polymer technology that delivers excellent functionality as a material solution for the circular economy, that is both recyclable and environmentally safe.

We produce multi-functional water-soluble polymers that enable economic recycling and meet the goals of the Circular Economy. All of our products are designed to facilitate the elimination of plastic pollution at source by recycling, enhanced recovery and biodegradation.

Aquapak’s aim for plastics

Single-use plastics have created a pollution problem in our world.

Aquapak was established with the mission to develop a range of innovative and highly functional new environmental polymers which, on their own, or in combination with other materials, are able to make new recyclable and environmentally safe packaging.

Unlike other polymers, our innovative technology Hydropol™ is non-toxic in the marine environment and on land. It can be used to create new recyclable and environmentally-safe packaging with a diverse range of end of life options.

Designed for the circular economy

Traditionally, manufacturers made products with little consideration about what would happen to their materials after primary life.

We believe in a world where recycling is rewarded. Hydropol is a high performance material with broad functionality. It's soluble in water with multiple end of life options and demonstrated to be completely safe in the environment

The time for Hydropol™ is now.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Aquapak has a purpose-built, modern 50,000 sq. ft. compounding production facility in Birmingham, U.K.

This site is in commercial production of Hydropol™ polymer pellets. Currently running one of five planned production lines, this site is designed to have an initial total capacity to produce in excess of 30,000 MT of Aquapak’s specially formulated pelletised resin, but it can be easily increased to 50,000 MT by expanding on the same location.

It is planned that Aquapak will ultimately set up new compounding production facilities to serve each of its main geographical markets of the US, EU and Asia directly.

Aquapak's Team

We are a team of industry-leading experts, aligned with one vision for the future.


Aquapak has built up a series of strong partnerships.

Our technology has evolved in collaboration with a number of universities, who have proven leading expertise in technical environmental polymers.

Aquapak has formed R&D collaborations with a number of major plastics and bioplastics producers to create new materials and innovative combinations of Hydropol™ with well-established plastics and paper. We shall enhance our own Intellectual Property (IP) in these collaborations, as well as create new IP together with the new partners.

Aquapak aims to be the partner of choice for environmental packaging for the packaging manufacturers for the major brands and retailers. It works in collaboration with the brands and retailers, and packaging manufacturers to design circular economy solutions to replace single use plastic packaging. This collaboration aims at using existing manufacturing infrastructure, wherever possible, and finding end of life solutions which fit into current waste re-processing streams.

Aquapak has a small number of private investors from a strong group of seasoned global executives with domain expertise, global networks and access to board level in a number of global brands and polymer manufacturers. These investors have partnered with the company to actively help with the development of its portfolio of technologies, expansion of operations and commercial expansion.


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