Aquapak Releases White Paper Exploring Fibre Based Recycling

PITA (Paper International Technology Association) has published a new whitepaper by Aquapak Polymers that explores how recyclability can be designed into fibre-based packaging using commercially available, fully soluble bio-digestible barrier materials.

Key findings highlighted by the whitepaper

  1. There is a need to focus on existing solutions to recycling and using established infrastructure more effectively.
  2. The industry needs to change materials but still provide completely functional packaging in terms of product protection, safety, and ease of use.
  3. Packaging needs to be recognisable to the consumer as recyclable and accepted by collection schemes.
  4. There needs to be value/financial incentive for the waste industry – it needs to be easy to separate and then sold to paper mills who can then claim 100% of the fibre back, completing the circular economy.


To request a copy of the white paper, please click here.

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