Police stay safe with help from infection control bags made of Hydropol

Being part of the police force can come with its dangers which is part and parcel of the profession, however in light of COVID-19 the importance of safety has never been more important.

The police along with other frontline staff and keyworkers are continuously fighting to prevent the spread of coronavirus but thanks to water soluble infection control bags (made from Hydropol) this fear has been significantly minimised.

The dissolvable bags are made from Aquapak’s patent protected polymer Hydropol which is marine-safe and non-toxic and can be put straight into the washing machine to limit exposure to the virus.

These bags have allowed key workers to bag up their uniforms at the station, get showered and changed before returning home which limits the exposure and spread of coronavirus within their households, meaning their loved ones are protected.

The bags dissolve in domestic washing machines on a 60°C wash cycle and have become a staple product for managing infection control particularly after our donation of 46,000 infection control bags to the NHS and frontline healthcare workers to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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