How different industries are using Hydropol

How different industries are using Hydropol

Hydropol™ can be made into a wide range of products that can eliminate plastic pollution at source. These can be used in a wide-range of industries, including healthcare, hotels, hospitality, retail, food preparation, food waste processing, pet food, postal service, DIY and many more. Examples of how industries are using Hydropol are below.

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Guide to Hydropol™ Grade Suitability

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We have many applications in development as well as the ones detailed below. Please do contact our team if you would like to discuss ideas or other uses.

Markets using Hydropol

Making events environmentally friendly


A wide variety of items - from food and merchandise packaging through to kit and laundry bags - can be made with Hydropol. This allows the recycling of these previously hard to recycle items to create events that eliminate single plastic pollution and support the circular economy,

Food Waste Collection

Water soluble food waste bags, made from Hydropol, are used to collect food waste which can be converted into energy via Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.

Food Packaging

Hydropol can be used to create recyclable food packaging such as sandwich packs and food wraps by laminating Hydropol onto paper board.

General Packaging

Hydropol can be laminated onto paper/board to create a range of packaging applications with multiple end-of-life options, like form, fill & seal (FFS) packaging and pouches lined with Hydropol.


Hotels can replace single-use plastic items with ones made from Hydropol. These include housekeeping (industrial grade) laundry bags, gloves and aprons; restaurant and kitchen food waste (AD) collection bags plus FFS packets for toiletries and snacks.

Holiday cottages / cabins

Holiday cottages, cabins and resorts can use products made from Hydropol to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and keep both guests and staff safe by using domestic-grade laundry bags to collect and transport used linen and towels before placing the full bag directly into the washing machine.


Aprons and gloves made from Hydropol are ideal for keeping retail staff safe whilst serving customers. Being anti-static and touchscreen compatible, gloves can be used whilst packing bags and using touchscreen tills and ordering points. Garment bags made from Hydropol are also available, allowing a 'zero trace, zero waste' option whilst protecting garments through transit and into store.

Apparel / Fashion

The apparel industry uses over 5 million tons of plastic for garment protection bags each year. Garment bags made from Hydropol allow single-use, traditional polyethylene to be replaced with recyclable, biodegradable, water-soluble and marine-safe 'zero trace, zero waste' versions.

Prison Services

Prisons use laundry bags made from Hydropol to reduce the cross-contamination of pathogens. They allow prisoners to bag up their own bed linen and clothing so they can be safely transported and washed.


Police use infection control bags made of Hydropol to change and bag up their uniforms at the station before going home to limit the exposure and potential spread of coronavirus within their households, meaning their loved ones are protected.

Cruise Liners

Cruise liners/ships can keep staff and guests safe by using marine-safe, dissolvable laundry bags (made of Hydropol) for laundry services that are COVID secure whilst reducing the risk of cross-contamination and preventing the spread of infectious viruses.

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