Mailer Bags

Why use Hydropol™ for mailer bags

Hydropol™ pellets can be blown into film to create mailer bags for consumer use across a range of industries.

Key features of using Aquapak’s Hydropol™ to create mailing bags

  • Strength – gives packaging high strength, flexibility, and barrier properties to oxygen, grease and fats
  • End of life designed-in: end users can dispose of their Hydropol mailer bags by
    • dissolving the bag in hot water. Hydropol will biodegrade safely in the waste water stream
    • reusing the bag for food waste as it is suitable for anaerobic digestion and  therefore processable through existing food waste collections
  • Hydropol is hydrophilic, water soluble, non-toxic and marine-safe
  • Swapping to HydropolTM can deliver large-scale environmental impact by eliminating plastic pollution at source and removing harmful plastics from uncontrolled environmental release
  • Its inherent biodegradability and dissolvability means it does not create harmful microplastics or attract toxins – it simply breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and mineralised natural biomass

Typical Applications

  • Mailer bags (in different colours)

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