Magazine Mailing Bags

Fully recyclable and biodegradable magazine packaging

Magazine mailer packaging’s plastic pollution problem

Consumers often don’t know what to do with magazine mailer wrappers especially if they are made from pure plastic or are paper with a laminated layer. As a result the valuable paper fibre often goes to landfill or incineration instead of being fully recycled and recovered.

Why use Hydropol™ combined with paper for magazine packaging?

Magazine packaging can be made from virgin paper or recycled newsprint paper. An extrusion coating of Hydropol™ increases the paper strength (tear, burst, puncture and tensile strength), whilst enabling it to be fully recycled by consumers through existing paper and mixed recycling systems. This is because Hydropol™ is a hydrophilic polymer (water-loving) meaning that it


  • Excellent strength and puncture resistance to protect magazines through the postal delivery system. It also gives a grease and gas barrier
  • Consumers will easily identify the magazine wrapper as paper and can therefore be disposed of through household paper recycling stream. Magazine packaging can also be recycled in the mixed paper stream
  • The Hydropol™ layer dissolves safely and completely in a paper mill’s repulping processes – up to 100% of the valuable fibre is released back into paper manufacturing without stickies.
  • The dissolved Hydropol™ will undergo anaerobic digestion in the sewage treatment plant. If this occurs onsite, the Hydropol™ may contribute to the AD plant gas yield,
  • Hydropol™ is non-toxic and marine-safe enabling zero impact on the environment. It is commercially compostable and will also biodegrade with the paper if it is accidentally littered or sent to landfill.

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