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Reduce the physical handling of laundry with hot water soluble bags that leave no trace

Ground-breaking technology

Aquapak’s Hydropol is a ground-breaking technology which allows any standard manufacturer of polybags to make a high-performance, water-soluble bag to assist with the fight against COVID19

  • Bags dissolve completely in domestic and commercial washing machines
  • They do not cause environmental problems in the waste-water stream

Industrial applications

Industrial applications, such as hospital or commercial laundries, where generally a larger and higher performance bag is required for transportation of the linen, and a higher temperature / more rigorous wash cycle is used.

Domestic applications

Domestic applications, such as to take smaller amounts of contaminated or soiled clothing safely from a hospital or care home into a domestic environment, where it will disappear completely in a lower temperature wash cycle.

Supply Chain

Aquapak supplies an industry standard industry polymer resin pellet which allows polybag manufacturers to produce a range of speciality water soluble bags which are superior to conventional products currently on the market.


Much stronger and more puncture-resistant than hospital standard water soluble laundry bags, with less blocking, odour etc. No need to double-bag. Varying sizes to suit requirement. Laundry can be processed safely, quickly and efficiently with less handling.


‘Hot water soluble’ and ‘warm water soluble' grades available. Unlike many conventional water-soluble bags, those made from Hydropol are free from sodium alginate and starch - which have been reported widely to cause residues which block filters and contaminate clean linen- and proven to have complete solubility, without residue (like a detergent pod in a washing machine).

Reduces cross-contamination risk

There is strong evidence that hydrophilic (water loving) materials such as cellulose and Hydropol are less prone to harbouring infectious droplets than traditional hydrophobic materials, including most of the traditional plastics. See attached report.

Why use hot water soluble Hydropol for laundry bags?

Excellent barrier properties, strong and warm/hot water soluble

Laundry can be processed safely, quickly and efficiently with less handling. Removes the need to open or empty bags before washing. Both domestic and industrial versions are strong with excellent barrier properties against oxygen, solvent, petrochemical, grease and oil.

Aquapak Domestic Laundry Bag Key Facts

Hot water soluble bag, strong and marine-safe

Industrial laundry bags are designed to be hot water soluble, non-toxic and marine safe, the whole bag dissolves at ≥70C/158F leaving no residue on linen or machine. Being strong, there is no need to double-bag.

Aquapak Industrial Laundry Bags Key Facts

Transparent & dissolvable to streamline processes

Excellent transparency for easy identification of contents. The whole bag dissolves in the wash without residue to clean from machine. Reduced machine breakdown and maintenance as no plastic residue left in the machine.

Aquapak Industrial Laundry Bags Key Facts

Winner of Best New Product at LADAs

Laundry bags, made of Hydropol™, have been awarded Best New Product at the Laundry & Drycleaning Awards (LADAs) 2020 as the bags dissolve at warm or hot temperatures without leaving any residue, which means less plastic waste when compared to PE laundry bags.

Hydropol Laundry Bags Named LADA’s Best New Product

Interested in leaving no trace?

Manufacturers: we supply you with Hydropol™ pellets and provide all the technical transfer you need to quickly start production of hot water soluble infection control bags.

Distributors: we can help your manufacturing suppliers to be able to start making infection control bags from Hydropol™ as quickly as possible and/or connect you with our partners who are already making bags to increase your supply.

Hospital/Healthcare/Hotel Users: we can provide samples to trial and can connect you with our partners who have supply and/or work with your suppliers to start making infection control bags from Hydropol™.

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What our partners have to say:

“This (Hydropol™) bag is much easier to open up, has no odor when I opened the bag unlike my current bags that have a vinegar smell and super annoying to try and separate from itself.”
Nurse, Trinity Healthcare, Massachusetts, USA

“They did exactly what they’re supposed to do at 140 degrees (Fahrenheit), disappeared and passed the test!”
District Manager, Crown Uniform & Linen Service, CT, USA

Trinity Health Care Case Study

Hot water soluble Hydropol bags save over 20,000 bags of linen from incineration and minimise the risk of New South Wales healthcare team being exposed to contaminated linen” David Beaver, Director DB Packaging

Case study: Solving laundry’s plastic pollution problem:

The majority of laundry bags used in hospitals, hotels and hospitality are made from single-use, non-biodegradable plastic which requires comprehensive waste management.

All single-use plastic laundry bags can be replaced with ‘leave no trace’ versions made from Hydropol™ which is an environmentally safe plastic that is biodegradable, water-soluble and marine-safe and made using Aquapak’s patent-protected technology.

Aquapak was approached by DB Packaging who was working with New South Wales Healthcare to develop an “eco” laundry bag that would:

  • retain the strength, puncture resistance, barrier properties and durability of traditional laundry bags
  • reduce the requirement for incineration and therefore increase the reuse of bed linen
  • remove the process of removing laundry from bags before washing
  • negate the occupational health and safety risks when there is heavily soiled, infectious or cytotoxic contents.

Watch this video to see how NSW Healthshare Linen Services use their laundry bags made from Hydropol™.

More Case Studies

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Aquapak Industrial Laundry Bags Key Facts

Aquapak Domestic Laundry Bags Key Facts

Further information

Full technical information about Hydropol™

Go to Hydropol technical information

Laundry bag specification: Aquapak has two specifications for laundry bags – Industrial grade laundry bags are hot water soluble and designed for use in commercial washing machines. Domestic grade laundry bags are warm water soluble and designed for use in domestic washing machines.

Aquapak Industrial Laundry Bag Specification Aquapak Domestic Laundry Bag Specification

Safety of Hydropol: Here is a study demonstrating the safety of Hydropol laundry bags in effluent streams via their biodegradation and ecotoxicity:

Study of Hydropol Laundry Bags in Effluent Streams


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