Injection Moulding

Consumer goods such as clothing tie tags, golf tees and spice shakers can be injection moulded with Hydropol™ in standard IM machinery.

Thanks to Aquapak’s patent-protected technology, Hydropol™ is ideal for thermoprocessing and therefore ideal to make consumer goods such as clothing tag ties, golf tees and spice shakers through injection moulding (injection molding) with Hydropol™ in standard IM machinery.

Why use Hydropol for injection moulding?

  • Hydropol™ is supplied in standard resin pellet form and can be used in existing injection moulding machines
  • Hydropol™ is non-toxic and marine safe
  • Being a hydrophilic (water-loving) polymer, Hydropol™ is a water-soluble plastic that can be used for manufacturing a range of consumer goods
  • End-of-life options depend on the form of the final product. These include:
    • Mechanical recycling for larger injection moulded parts. Hydropol™ is identifiable in IR screening and separation. it also sinks in a sink/float separation process
    • Smaller parts can be disposed by dissolving in hot water. The solution can then pass safely down the sink into the waste water system. The dissolved Hydropol™ will undergo anaerobic digestion in the sewage treatment plant.

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