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Hotels can protect staff, guests AND the environment by using laundry bags, gloves, aprons and AD bags made from Hydropol™.  Using them reduces the risk of pathogen contamination; increases safety for staff and guests and decreases single-use plastic pollution. Please note that we are supporting customers in the development of many other applications; do ask for details if the item you are looking for is not shown below!

Laundry bags

Collect bedroom and F&B linen, towels, staff uniforms plus Hydropol aprons and gloves into the laundry bag and seal with the tie provided. Place bag directory into the industrial washing machines either on-site or at your commercial laundering service. The bag (plus any Hydropol gloves and aprons inside) completely dissolves on an 80C/176F wash cycle, leaving just clean laundry and no residue in the machine.


These hot water soluble aprons are ideal for front of house staff, F&B teams and porters to wear. Aprons are clear to allow uniforms and name badges to be easily visible. They are anti-static and have excellent barrier properties against oxygen, solvent, petrochemical, grease and oil. Fully dissolving in hot water, they prevent potentially contaminated polyethylene from landfill/incineration.


Fully-dissolvable gloves made from Hydropol™ are designed for single-use applications without negative environmental impact. They are ideal for use by front of house staff, housekeeping, F&B departments, and for dry food preparation. They allow safe touch screen use and are compatible with the most types of touch screens. Gloves made from Hydropol are also breathable meaning that they allow moisture to pass through (reducing sweat) whilst giving infection protection.

Food waste (AD) bags

AD bags made from Hydropol can be used to collect waste food (such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, dairy, perishables, liquid food waste and grease trap contents) and sent for processing. Bags completely dissolve in AD plants and positively contribute to the gas yield.

Hotels using items made from Hydropol

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri La in Singapore hold the Safeguard Hygiene Excellence and Safety and Safety Label as Bureau Veritas. Their housekeeping team use laundry bags made from Hydropol to help keep their team and guests safe.

Doubletree by Hilton

Laundry bags made from Hydropol enable the housekeeping teams at the Doubletree by Hilton in Singapore to bag up used towels and linen safely and send them to be laundered.

Pan Pacific Group

Laundry bags made from Hydropol are used to safely bag linen and towels in the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore. With no need to split or debag, the bagged laundry is placed directly in the industrial washing machines and next touched once clean.

Courtyard by Marriott

By using laundry bags made from Hydropol, the Courtyard by Marriott is able to safely handle its used linen and towels as Hydropol gives reduced pathogen dwell time and dissolves fully during a 70C wash.

Westin Hotels and Resorts

Laundry bags made from Hydropol are enabling housekeeping teams to collect and transport laundry safely. Full bags are secured with tie attached and placed directly into the washing machines with no need to debag or split.

Holiday Inn

Laundry bags made from Hydropol reduce cross-contamination risks to both housekeeping and laundry teams. Being fully dissolvable also means there is no residue to remove from either linen or machines before drying.

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