Fully-dissolvable gloves designed for single-use applications without negative environmental impact

Ground-breaking technology

Aquapak’s Hydropol is a ground-breaking technology which allows any standard manufacturer of poly gloves to make high-performance, hot water-soluble gloves to assist with the fight against COVID19. Ideal for use in housekeeping, F&B departments, at fuel pumps and for food preparation

  • Gloves are hot water soluble, dissolving completely and safely at ≥70C/158F e.g. in a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • They are non-toxic and marine-safe so do not cause environmental problems in the waste-water stream.
  • The dissolved polymer passes through to the waste water treatment plant where it then harmlessly degrades into CO2, water and mineralised biomass.

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Why use hot water soluble Hydropol for gloves?

Excellent barrier properties

Lowers risk of infection transmission as pathogen dwell time. Gloves also have excellent barrier properties against oxygen, solvent, petrochemical, grease and oil.

Hot water soluble bag, strong and marine-safe

Gloves made from Hydropol are designed to be hot water soluble; dissolving at ≥70C/158F leaving no residue. They are biodegradable, non-toxic and marine safe.

Transparent, strong and anti-static

Hydropol gloves are transparent and Atex compliant with antistatic properties. Allow safe touch screen use (compatible with the most types of touch screens).

Benefits of using Hydropol for gloves

  • Designed for single-use applications without negative environmental impact
    • Replacing polyethylene gloves with Hydropol gloves saves potentially contaminated polyethylene from landfill/incineration.
  • Hot water soluble – gloves fully dissolve safely at ≥70C/158F
  • Lowers risk of infection transmission as pathogen dwell time reduced
    • Hydropol material is a hydrophilic polymer. This gives an effective barrier against pathogens, reducing the time any infection pathogens will dwell on the material and lowering the risk of transmission compared to hydrophobic polymers e.g. polythene.
  • Clear/transparent with over 90% transmission rate when tested to ASTMD1003 verified to ISO 14782.

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  • Safe touch screen use and compatible with the most types of touch screens.
  • Excellent anti-static properties
    • Atex compliant – Hydropol hot water-soluble film has been shown to be inherently anti-static.
  • Static dissipation properties as measured against IEC 61340-5, with a surface resistivity typically around 4 x 1010 ohms per square.
  • Disposal options
    • Hot water soluble – disposal options include hot wash cycles on dishwashers, washing machines
    • Biodegradable, non-toxic and marine-safe
  • Reduces machine cleaning and maintenance as gloves completely dissolve with no residue leftover to remove from the machine.

Further information

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Full technical information about Hydropol™

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Interested in leaving no trace?

Manufacturers: we supply you with Hydropol™ pellets and provide all the technical transfer you need to quickly start production of hot water soluble infection control gloves.

Distributors: we can help your manufacturing suppliers to be able to start making gloves from Hydropol™ as quickly as possible and/or connect you with our partners who are already making gloves to increase your supply.

Hospital/Healthcare/Hotel Users: we can provide samples to trial and can connect you with our partners who have supply and/or work with your suppliers to start making infection control gloves from Hydropol™.

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