Garment Bag Case Studies

Discover how fashion brands are using garment bags made from Hydropol

Garment Bag Case Studies

Learn more about some of the brands using garment bags made from Hydropol™ using Aquapak’s patent-protected technology.


Finisterre designs functional and sustainable products for those that share a love of the sea. They approached Aquapak to work with them and their packaging suppliers to develop garment packaging that leaves no trace. At that time, their garment bags were the last remaining piece of packaging using single-use traditional polymer and they wanted to change these that disappear safely, are non-toxic and marine-safe.

“To see the completion of this project and the last 10 months’ work, is one of the most exciting moments in my career to date. To be able to launch something so ground breaking and literally world changing is an honour, and to be partnered with Aquapak, leading the way for the next generations is unbelievably exciting.” Niamh O’Laoighre, Finisterre Product Development Manager


Wastebased is a UK-based packaging company bringing to market the most sustainable and innovative packaging alternatives for small and medium sized businesses, most of who are fashion brands.

Initially offering home-compostable mailers at low MOQs they were excited to complement these with a line of Hydropol poly bags that they call the Item Bag 2.0.

When considering different alternatives to traditional polybags, they came across Aquapak’s offering. They thought it was great; were convinced other labels would be interested in it too and wanted to help make the technology accessible to smaller brands that perhaps couldn’t meet manufacturers’ MOQs by offering a standardised option which is available right here in the UK from a low MOQ level.

Absolutely Bear

Absolutely Bear pride their brand in creating stylish and sustainable clothing to help reconnect male urbanites with nature. Headquartered in London, the company was using recyclable plastic garment bags but wanted to find an alternative that would eliminate the plastic, full stop. When they discovered, ‘Leave No Trace’ bags that breakdown harmlessly into non-toxic biomass in soil and sea, they knew it was the solution they’d been searching for all along. Founder of Absolutely Bear, Nick Fletcher commented, “We're thrilled we came across Aquapak's innovation. These garment bags make the world of difference. We looked at a number of alternatives including other compostable and bio-degradable bags, but none seemed to have a shelf-life that would guarantee our products remained protected for our customers.” He added: “Our customers can feel confident that we as a brand are doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment.”


OneNine5 design stylish and functional travel goods, like their award-winning eco-conscious wash bag. But aside from that they share a strong passion for sustainable packaging to reduce waste and its impact on the environment, hence their reasoning behind choosing to switch their former biodegradable plastic polybags to 100% water soluble garment bags made from Aquapak’s Hydropol™. Founder of OneNine5, Alex Stewart said: “A lot of the compostable and biodegradable packaging that’s used today wont easily degrade in a home compost bin, and we think there’s still a big misconception and education required around this - biodegradable material can actually contaminate existing recycling streams, rendering those materials non-recyclable. We got to work researching material that our customers could safely and easily dispose of at home and we were excited to discover the Aquapak garment bag. We loved the concept and agreed it was a positive change we needed to make.”

Maxim Packaging

Maxim Group worked collaboratively with Aquapak Polymers to develop a range of garment bags in standard sizes. The resulting Polymax bags are available in quantities as low as 1000 from their dedicated website.

Eco Garment Bags

Eco Garment Bags are a Hong Kong and Vietnam based distributor, supplying factories in these textile producing regions with eco-friendly garment bags. Their bags made from Hydropol come in two sizes with a fold-over flap, sealable strip and printing explaining the bags properties. They are available with low MOQs.

Print Social

Print Social is an online pre-sale platform that empowers any creator to sell their ideas in a more sustainable way without cost, risk or hassle. It uses a platform that enables the creator to sell their products without limitations. Thus, helping to reduce the environmental impact of producing and printing clothing and helping to support causes for the common good.

Madame Seguin

Madame Seguin’s core values include supporting the nomadic lifestyle and protecting Mongolia’s unique nature and wildlife. The knitwear collections are made in Mongolia by small knitting factories, made from cashmere yarn that is spun in Mongolia from fibers that are sourced from Mongolian herders.

Samudra Swimwear

Samudra Swimwear has drawn inspiration from photography, travel and her native Hawaii by combining hyper-real imagery and practical construction into her designs. Loved for its handbags, the label has evolved to include handmade Brazilian-style swimwear with a tropical feel.

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