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Events – including sport meets, festivals, concerts, exhibitions – where there is a high number of participants and/or spectators, can generate a large amount of waste.

Traditionally, many of these items are either hard-to-recycle due to the materials they are made from or their end user does not easily know how to recycle them. These include food and beverage packaging, merchandise packaging and carrier bags, food waste, athlete / delegate kit and laundry bags.

Items made with Hydropol™ support the circular economy by increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of single-use plastic thrown away. Inherently biodegradable, end-of-life is designed in so that materials can be recycled or reused. It is also non-toxic and marine-safe so will not harm the environment if sent to landfill or littered. Dissolvable in warm or hot water it is also enables other materials to be recycled and able to be processed in AD plants where it contributes to gas yield.

Please note that we are supporting customers in the development of many other applications; do ask for details if the item you are looking for is not shown below!

Food Packaging

Hydropol can be used to create recyclable food packaging such as sandwich packs, food trays and fast food wraps by laminating Hydropol onto paper board. It enables previously hard-to-recycle items be recycled as the Hydropol layer dissolves safely and completely in a paper mill’s repulping processes to recover all the paper and if it's accidentally littered, the Hydropol layer will biodegrade with the paper/board.

Food & retail serving gloves

Fully-dissolvable gloves made from Hydropol™ are designed for single-use applications without negative environmental impact. Touchscreen compatible and Atex compliant, they are ideal for use anyone involved in retail, hotel front of house, housekeeping, F&B departments, dry food preparation as well as use on fuel forecourts.Gloves made from Hydropol are also breathable meaning that they allow moisture to pass through (reducing sweat) whilst giving infection protection.

Food serving aprons

These hot water soluble aprons are clear to allow uniforms and name badges to be easily visible. They are anti-static and have excellent barrier properties against oxygen, solvent, petrochemical, grease and oil. Fully dissolving in hot water, they prevent potentially contaminated polyethylene from landfill/incineration. They are ideal for front of house and retail staff, F&B teams, therapists and other applications where single-use aprons are required to be worn.

Food Waste Collection

Water soluble food waste bags, made from Hydropol, are used to collect food waste which can be converted into energy via Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants. Ideal for public food waste collection bins, kitchen and catering use, AD bags made from Hydropol™ are break down fully in both mesophilic and thermophilic systems. No de-bagging is required as they do not clog filters or conveyors.

Merchandise Packaging

Hydropol enables retailers to replace single-use bags with recyclable, water-soluble and marine-safe garment and product packaging. Robust and easy to seal, merchandise packaging made from Hydropol is clear so items and barcodes can be easily seen whilst protecting the items as well as the environment.

Shopping bags

Shopping bags, can be made from recycled newsprint paper that has an extrusion coating of Hydropol to give it strength and enable recycling through domestic paper recycling streams.The Hydropol layer dissolves safely and completely in a paper mill’s repulping processes to recover all the paper and if it's accidentally littered, the Hydropol layer will biodegrade with the paper.

Kit and Laundry bags

Collect kit, bedroom and F&B linen, towels, staff uniforms plus Hydropol aprons and gloves into the laundry bag and seal with the tie provided. Place bag directory into the industrial washing machines either on-site or at your commercial laundering service. The bag (plus any Hydropol gloves and aprons inside) completely dissolves on an 80C/176F wash cycle, leaving just clean laundry and no residue in the machine.

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