Easier to recycle packaging

Currently the plastics used to enhance the functionality of paper and paperboard are almost exclusively non-recoverable and non-recyclable. Whilst there are examples of brands putting in place collection of their specific product for material capture these are rare and often fraught with the problem of contamination.

Hydropol™ gives the necessary functionality to the product but offer two direct recovery options

  1. The combination of Hydropol™ and paper/paperboard can be re-pulped in its entirety in an industry standard paper recovery process. Aquapak product is entirely compatible and may also decrease the requirement for added paper strengthening chemicals in the process. Hydropol™ can be tuned to dissolve at around 40 degrees centigrade, which is the standard temperature of the re-pulping process in paper mills.
  2. The Hydropol™ layer can be hot washed to remove it allowing clean paper/paperboard to be recycled

Aquapak is working in a number of projects with global brands, major converters and waste and recyclers to demonstrate the above recycling and recovery solutions at scale.

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