E-Commerce Mailing Bags

Viable alternative to unrecyclable, plastic coated packaging

Ecommerce mailing bags made from paper lined with Hydropol™ maintain the functionality of plastic, whilst giving the recyclability of paper:

  • Hydropol™ is a highly functional material, giving packaging natural strength, flexibility, and barrier properties to oil, grease and oxygen
  • Excellent strength, puncture resistance, grease resistance and gas barrier
  • Flexible and strong
  • Light weight to optimise storage and distribution, minimising carbon impact
  • Heat sealable – the Hydropol™ layers bond to each other creating a strong seal without the need for adhesives
  • Shower-proof (like paper, they are not water resistant, but won’t disintegrate as quickly)
  • Packaging can be recycled through household and business paper recycling (unlike PE films,whereby just 14% of local authorities collect)
  • The Hydropol™ lining washes off during paper repulping process and biodegrades safely in waste-water stream. It’s non-toxic to the environment and marine-safe with no harmful microplastics.


  • Hydropol™ is laminated or extrusion coated onto paper and paperboard. This adds significant functionality to the paper in terms of strength and barrier properties.
  • The Hydropol™ layer is designed and proven* to wash off during the paper mill’s repulping process enabling up to 100% paper fibre recovery.
  • It enables packaging applications to be fully recycled back into paper in standard paper re-processing plants.

* Read our white paper that researches designing recyclability into fibre-based packaging using fully soluble biodigestible barrier systems

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