E-Commerce Mailer Bags

Viable alternative to unrecyclable plastic coated packaging

Hydropol™ can be extrusion coated onto paper and paperboard which add significant functionality to the paper in terms of strength and barrier properties and enables packaging applications like e-commerce mailer bags to be fully recycled back into paper in standard paper re-processing plants.

Key features of extrusion coated paper packaging made using Hydropol™ for e-commerce mailer bags:

  • It is a highly functional material, giving packaging natural strength, flexibility, and barrier properties to oil, grease and oxygen
  • After primary use, it allows the packaging to be fully recycled or biodegraded in most modern waste streams
  • Can be disposed of through paper recycling streams so consumers know how to dispose of it quickly and easily
  • Hydropol™ does not break-down into harmful microplastics in the ocean or on land
  • Hydropol™ is non-toxic and marine-safe enabling zero impact on the environment – it will biodegrade with the paper if it is accidentally littered

Typical Applications

  • E-commerce mailer bags

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