The Benefits

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Better for the environment

Hydropol™ is inherently biodegradable. When given the right balance of environment and microbial presence it will biodegrade to carbon dioxide, water and mineralised natural biomass.

The positive implications for animals and the natural environment are significant. As consumer packaging is on the increase in our increasingly on-line world, the harmful effects on the environment caused by littering can thereby be checked.

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Easier to recycle packaging

Currently, the plastics used to enhance the functionality of paper and paperboard are almost exclusively non-recoverable and non-recyclable.

Hydropol™ gives the necessary functionality but offers two viable recycling options within existing industry-standard paper recovery processes: hot washing and re-pulping.

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Easier to recycle multi-laminates

Hydropol™ can be used with another plastic to create a dual-layer barrier film with at least equivalent functional properties of a multi-layer film.

Additionally, a simple hot water wash system can then remove the Hydropol™ layer, enabling the other material to be cleanly separated and recycled.

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Highly versatile

The availability of a stable pellet form enables the excellent functionality of the base polymer to be exploited more widely.

Hydropol™ can be used varyingly as a single barrier layer, a laminate, an extrusion coat or it can be blended with other biopolymers to form completely new biomaterials. Hydropol™ also has potential use in injection moulding and thermoforming.

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Hydropol™ in the real world

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How Hydropol is used

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