CEO Mark Lapping Features in Business Focus Magazine

Aquapak has recently featured in leading business publication, Business Focus magazine, discussing our innovative product Hydropol™. The article praises the many characteristics that accompany the pellets, such as its non-toxicity, water solubility and compostability (amongst many more factors).

CEO, Mark Lapping mentioned how the pellets are a solution to our current plastic pollution crisis – ‘the aim is to substitute complex packaging, which is currently completely unrecyclable, with equally functional packaging which is fully recyclable, using our Hydropol™ polymer.’

Our product can create packaging with materials such as paperboard, that traditionally has minimal recyclable properties when mixed with plastic. By coating it with Hydropol™ for example, it allows them to be fully repulped without adding to the existing pollution crisis. This supports the circular economy process, allowing paper packaging to become fully recyclable as the plastic coating dissolves during the recycling process due to its hydrophilic (water-loving) properties.

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