Manufacturing Management Magazine Interviews Aquapak’s CEO

Aquapak’s CEO, Mark Lapping, was recently interviewed by the renowned production magazine – Manufacturing Management, to discuss Aquapak’s solution to the world’s plastic pollution crisis.

The interview took place following the discussion surrounding the creation of a circular economy and how various companies are doing their part with creating a more sustainable way of living. A circular economy is all about reusing or repurposing materials that we would usually throw away, keeping the product in the economy as much as possible.

Mark explained the difficulty in recycling many products that use polymers, such as, ‘single-use paper-based food packaging such as takeaway coffee cups will contain a layer of plastic that is hard to separate’. Products like these are almost impossible to recycle which is why companies are now engaging in the use of Aquapak’s Hydropol™, a hydrophilic (water loving) polymer which is completely dissolvable and biodegradable, making packaging fully recyclable.

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