Aquapak supports a successful Ocean Clean Up in Singapore

Co-organised with the Singapore Asia Development Network Pte Ltd and The Submersibles, Aquapak Polymers Ltd took part in an Ocean Clean Up on 7th March.

The Dive Against Debris was held at Lazarus Island, one of the Southern Islands in Singapore, to collect the plastic waste polluting the ocean and help to clean the ecosystem.
Over 200 pieces of debris were collected throughout the day by a team of 28 divers. 129 were plastic, others included glass bottles, cans, metal dishes, fishing equipment and towels/rags – weighing up to 22 kilos of debris in total.

Aquapak is proud to support events like this to highlight the issue that hydrophobic, single-use plastic causes marine life. Understanding the effect of plastic pollution is a key driving force for us to produce non-toxic polymers that leave no trace if they escape into the natural environment and/or underwater. The cleanup illustrated to everyone involved how safer alternatives like Hydropol, made with Aquapak’s patent-protected technology are needed.

If you wish to view the complete data surveys, they can be viewed on the Project Aware website using the links below:

# All photos courtesy of Asian Diver magazine who covered the event.



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