Aquapak Highly Commended in Ecopack Challenge 2020

We were delighted to be given the “Highly Commended” accolade as runner up in the 2020 Ecopack Challenge. The event, was part of the annual Packaging Innovations event which saw the latest cutting-edge sustainable innovations battle it out in a Dragon’s Den style pitch.


Dr John Williams shared how lining paper pouches with Hydropol™ using Aquapak’s patent-protected technology enables companies to replace their existing, non-recyclable poly-lined versions. Pouches lined with Hydropol™  enables packaging to be easily recycled by end-users in the mixed paper stream.

He explained how the Hydropol™ lined paper can be made into pouch or bag form to maintain a product’s functionality with high strength, puncture resistance, grease resistance and gas barrier. By being warm water soluble, the Hydropol™ coating dissolves allowing valuable fibre to be released back into paper manufacturing through paper recycling.

For more information about this application of Hydropol™ and its capabilities, please contact or call +44 (0)121 516 5656.

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