High performance polymers enabling a new circular plastics economy

Plastics are core to today’s world and are vital in our daily activities, but single-use plastics have created a pollution problem that is dangerous to marine life, filling land-fills and impacting human life throughout the world.  Today, fewer than 15% of all plastics used in the world are recycled. The longevity of plastics is a negative attribute when they enter our natural world uncontrollably creating disastrous, long lasting effects.

Changing the way, we create, use and reuse plastics is key to their continued viability and growth. At Aquapak, we are at the forefront of the new plastics economy initiatives, using our proprietary technology to develop and manufacture sustainable plastics. Our advanced polymer, HydropolTM, is specifically formulated to generate high performance properties for a range of technical applications while having a range of end of life options depending on the application and inherently non toxic. HydropolTM‘s strength and flexibility makes it valuable for many types of applications in the food manufacturing and medical markets, as well as an ideal choice for high performance packaging.

Aquapak’s Strategy Advancing the Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The worldwide use of plastics is continuing to grow  because of it functionality and benefit  that it brings to so many facets of our daily lives. At Aquapak, we want to be a part of continuing that growth responsibly by applying the principles of the circular economy as a fundamental pillar of our strategy.

The Advanced Aquapak Plastic Solution

  • Front end functionality in combination with end of life options which facilitates a circular economy solution
  • A high-performance material for more efficient and effective product handling
  • An enabling material for the improvement of waste systems and infection control in healthcare applications
  • Aquapak’s pellets are compatible with standard plastic processing equipment
  • Safe in the natural environment if accidentally released by littering

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